Talisman Wessbier


Talisman is a local fable about the infamous, predominant, dry south-easterly wind that howls along the Cape Peninsula coastline from spring to late summer. For a wiley local fisherman “blind Jack” Shackleton, this “Cape Doctor” or “South Easterly” wind is his talisman. Fable has it, he safely navigated his passage across the bay of Hout Bay in the notorious howling gale-force wind storm of 1941 with the relentless Cape Doctor churning up the seas along his treacherous coastline. Be Warned: this doctor’s visit comes with grave danger for attempting to conquer his will! “Blind Jack” loves storms. “Better than boredom”, he smiles and winks. He has been 35 years at sea. Legend has it he is not blind, but relies on his razor sharp sense of touch to register the innuendos of the wind, reveal the differences in wind swells from various directions. Coastlines reflect swells back, aiding this “blind” sailor to navigate from just a sea breeze to a gale-force wind storm! Fearless, he steams into the angry ocean, an infinity of welling grey swells, death looming in everyone. His rusty fishing boat shudders and pitches. So plunge in if you dare! But be sure “blind Jack” and his talisman will get you there!!


24 x Urban Brewery ‘Talisman’ Weissbier (Case Price)



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