Dungeons Stout Ale


Dungeons to the surfing community, is one of the sixteen recognised big wave spots around the globe with swells up to 14.3m having been recorded, as well as numerous deaths as a result of boating, diving and surfing-related incidents in these large swells. The spot itself consists of various reefs. The most popular is called “2.5” since it is 2.5 meters deep, and behind it is “3.5” which is 3.5 meters deep. Legend has it that there is also a reef reputed to be able to hold a 30m high wave should one ever come. Those surfers who braved these waters had to paddle through a dark and deep channel, home to a great white shark, through to where the waves break. This enormous shark was given the name “submarine” for obvious reasons, as it could swallow people whole whilst lurking in the depths of the reefs at dungeons.


24 x Urban Brewery ‘Dungeons’ Stout Ale (Case Price)



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