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Spot Trace keeps an eye on the big stuff

Everyone has had stuff stolen. It’s a horrible feeling to go looking for something only to realize it’s grown legs and walked off. That sick in the stomache barely contained fury needs to be answered, and we’ve found the key. For all your big toys, this small tracker will give you the peace of mine that it’s still right where you left it, or it will leave you a digital breadcrumb trail to go get it back. SPOT’s TRACE is a 2.5″x2″ waterproof (IPX7 1m for 30 min) box that will tell you if your toy starts moving without you. It’s small enough to hide just about anywhere, and the black on black blends right in. The unit comes with a USB power option to extend the life of the unit (not waterproof if this is set up) for long-term storage, but the included 4 AAA lithium batteries have a life expectancy of up to 4.5 months. The unit monitors movement and sends an alert via text or e-mail if it’s disturbed at  5, 10, 30 or 60 minute intervals (also at 2.5 min intervals for the extreme monitoring plan). The plans are $99 per year or $9.99 per month for the basic option, and double that for the extreme plan.

We’ve been testing how well the SPOT TRACE works tracking my car for the past month. This gave us an accelerated view of what happens when an asset moves. I received the TRACE and within a few minutes the account was set up and it was relaying location data to the web-based map interface which was accurate enough to show it was in my garage at the time. The alerts are delayed slightly because of the monitoring intervals (I set it for 2.5 minutes). So there are points to track and a final stopping point which was always accurate and would be extremely useful if you were really trying to chase down the location. The satellite GPS system can track the asset just about anywhere in the world, but will lose some accuracy at speeds over 700 mph. So if Dr. Evil boosts your boat, it may be a bit hard to track back to his island lair.

Overall, if it’s worth storing, it’s worth protecting and the SPOT TRACE is exactly what you’ll need to keep an eye on it from just about anywhere. Visit them at findmespot.

SPOT also has some personal GPS devices that are great for your loved ones (and rescuers) to keep tabs on your location in the wild. So if the unexpected happens, you can make it home with a bit of help. Last week, SPOT announced it’s 4000th rescue. That’s the kind of thing we love to hear, when a product makes it safer to enjoy the woods we all win. Read more about it at findmespot.